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To awaken from the nightmare of ignorance.

Teaching I

Genesis 1:1-20
"Creation, Image"

The average Orthodox Christian believes and accepts that there is a source, first cause, uncaused Supreme Spirit of all that was, is, or will be.

It knows and apprehends itself in absolute intelligible intellect, knowledge as its essence, inerrable, immutable, indivisible and negatively eternal, precind of time.


Expressing through self-contemplation, revealing ideations of Its wholeness within first Creative Principle as three modes of being, signifiable personifications:

The Divine Triune Creative Principle of God commonly referred to as the Holy Trinity:

Mind Father Unbegotten
Word/Voice Son Begotten of the Mind of the Father
Uncreated Energies Spirit preceding from the Mind of the Father

These hypostases dwell in one another as one nature, one will, a single power, one single operation, One God.

The Uncreated Energies of Spirits Triune Creative Principle reveal Its Essence as eternal life, intellect, knowledge, love, liberty, beauty, order, harmony, and will being absolute ideas within self-contemplation and reciprocation with Its Self Image according to Its Likeness, which establishes an inherent heaven. All these spiritual dynamics are the Heavens of the Kingdom of God.


This Image is the reciprocal personification of Spirit's life, will, substance, qualities, liberty, undifferentiated and Its Triune Creative Principle.

The ideas in Trinity are no longer a necessary determination but the creative will, the living word of God, inseparable from creative intention and as thought, gives reality to the being of things. There is one word for each thing which represents its norm of existence and its way of transfiguration.

The idea of the Image of God in the last analysis is to be a personal being, that is to say, a free responsible being revealing the uncreated energies of knowledge with intellect and as Triune Creative Principle bespeaks itself as First Cause, Uncaused of all things, the Word of God.


The uncreated nature of God with Its Image are the same divine nature of oneness in wholeness, the liberty to think and will to reason, choice. The will of the Source; is to reason deductively, that process which follows an already established premise of wholeness and good, the consequences being always whole and good.

In this consciousness of wholeness, Liberty is Free Will to choose. This is completed with the acknowledgment that an inquiry into truth is a process of analysis known as inductive reason, questioning or being analytic, which is a precipitation of doubt, a disbelief into the need of oneness in wholeness. This very Liberty, then, allows the possibility to reject being the Image of Wholeness, good; to choose to be one’s own source without God, its true Source. This development in choice is cause to an unauthentic life a mutation of reason in the image Itself. This development has the consequences of loss of awareness of oneness in Wholeness of absolute Good.

Further consequence of this development in judgement is the transference of the fractured but not destroyed image into a new state of the cosmic conscious self-awareness within the Triune God..

Image is clothed in garments of skins (Genesis 2:7,21). In a physical state of duality, as a human being of two natures the original, spiritual and the new human primate and with an unawareness yet a memory of its spiritual source.

Now, experiencing the nightmare of ignorance and searching for a way out of living in the purgatory of duality only ending in physical death, yet the eternal spiritual life of God continues for eternity, either caught up in the duality of doubt and pain or freed from it in the oneness of wholeness in its source God.

The Image in this fractured condition is ignorance of Its wholeness. This is just the beginning from the Image to likeness of God (Genesis 1-infinity).


The Image of God now experiences the results of inductive reasoning in duality. Definitive examples:

Divine Spiritual Nature Human Primate Nature
Deductive Reasoning Inductive Reasoning
Reciprocity with God Introversion
Redemptive Forgiveness Condemnation
Male Female
Life Death
Hope Despair

In this nightmare of doubt and painful ignorance, the Human Being’s nature, as person in duality of mentally, physically, spiritually gropes to be rescued and return to its source of oneness in wholeness, God. (Genesis 1:26)

The likeness, Genesis 1:26, is the process to Godhead, wholeness. This evolution takes majestic form in the biblical character of Abraham imposed upon by an awakening faith in God's Consciousness and Knowledge of a Triune God (Genesis 18:1-16):

Father Son Spirit
Mind Idea Expression
Spirit Soul Body-Form

Then Moses with the highest human concept of God at a certain evolutionary level of human consciousness discovers a major gift of awareness, the revelation that Jehovah is the human concept of God, best expressed as I Am, is the awareness of Pure Being. Hence, the name I Am (Exodus 3:14,15) is used in Exodus to refer to the presence of God.

The second revelation by Moses is to physically survive in learning the differences between good and evil and adherence to the letter of the law of cause and effect. The ten commandments being the culmination of this learning. (Exodus 20:2-17, 20)

The third revelation shown by Moses' own experience of doubt in good does not get you to the promised result of good, the spiritual Godhead in completeness. (Numbers 20:2-12, Deuteronomy 32:51,52)

Jesus, in his humanity, personalizes the incarnated creative word of God by exemplifying the way to restoration within God imposed in us by His spirit, the Triune Creative Principle.

Eric Butterworth affirmed the teaching of Jesus the Christ as he said, "Our humanity is but the degree to which we have given expression to our divinity, the Image of God. We are human in expression but divine in creation and limitless in potentiality."

With His death on the cross (Mark 15:37), Jesus put to death the idea of thinking in duality. The Image of God cannot die. His death and resurrection of His body released us from delusion of idolatry, duality and doubt. Resurrection does not mean resuscitation. Jesus the Christ indeed has risen but his resurrected humanity is eternal life energy and divinity. It is a new humanity as the Uncreated Energy of God in a spiritualized body (Mark 16:12), the eternal life of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus the Christ is the Image of which we are in the Image of God; meaning Father, Son, Spirit, eternal Life, our eternal soul.

"This is still the beginning."

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