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A single word can build, confuse or destroy an idea, a person, society or organization. A correct understanding of a word or its use in context will give meaning to one’s life whether poet, saint, or a well meaning person. An incorrect definition is often used to deceive or to impress. These following understandings of words are presented to clarify meaning for those reading this material and desire to be free of error and think for themselves in a life affirming way.

SD - Secular Dictionaries
RD - Religious Dictionary


  1. the state of fact of existing or living.
  2. fundamental or essential nature.
  3. essential completeness.
  4. can be logically conceived.
  5. being as (or that).
  6. that which exists or can exist.
  7. real being is either actual or possible.
  8. this being alone is necessary, all things besides this are contingent upon being.


Ernest Holmes said, "Fear is in the belief that God is absent."

  1. Fear can be experienced in different degrees:

    1. Paralyzing fear
    2. Panick - leading to irrational, aimless action
    3. Fright - sudden, shocking
    4. Catatonic - marked by stupor and catalepsy
    5. Timidity
    6. Dread
    7. Depression of Emotions
    8. Anxious
    9. Dread of Poverty
    10. Terror
    11. To Avoid or Prevent
    12. Separation of Mind from Body
    13. The Unknown
    14. That others will find out what you really think or beleive (your own ignorance)
    15. Can be used and often is used in respect of God or in Awe of God.
    16. Can be experienced as a result of intimidation.
    17. Punishment
    18. etc.
  2. Fear is the negation of confidence. Fear can be conscious or subjective.
  3. Fear is the only devil there is and if it governs your thinking we experience the only hell there is. If we are overcome by it we are headed for trouble and disease.
  4. Affirmative Prayer:

There is nothing to fear, for God is all there is "I am that I am Being, Being me." I claim this presence as I am, It's Image, and as my own.


God knows and apprehends himself completely: #1 In an eternal Now; past present or future. #2 Includes all possible essence and all ideas which might have happened but which as, a matter of fact, will not happen (futuribles).

Ideas are infused in His Image and can be known by His Image which leads us with certainty to the knowledge of our Source, God. This God Knowledge is the First Caused, Un-Caused of all the things (ideas) manifested or not of our experiences. All creation and experiences have behind them the idea, perfect and whole, which has its source in God Knowledge.

Saint Gregory of Nyssa, 4th Century, said "the Lord does not say that it is blessed to know something about God, but rather to posses God in one's self." The possessions of God within the mind and heart is the true Knowledge of God.

Refer also to my page on God.


Hell is literally Gehenna. In Jewish history Gehenna (the Valley of Hinnon) became a place of forbidden religious practices because a throne was established there for Molech, an ancient Phoenician and Ammonite god, to whom children were sacrificed by burnings. King Joshiah put an end to these practices (II Kings 23:10). By Jesus' time the Valley had become a garbage dump which smoldered ceaselessly. Because of these associations, Gehenna acquired the connotation of punishment in the afterlife.

The metaphysical understanding of Hell is that it is a state of consciousness which effects your physical and material experience or appearance. Hell is not a physical location. A belief in duality is a belief that a good is always to be, never is. Hell is a separation from the Oneness in God or Source.

Humankind, Male and Female

  1. A composite of temporal physical body and eternal Soul, the Image of God. The Soul is the substantial life substance of the human body.
  2. When this spiritual Soul is separated from the physical body, this temporal body ceases to be a suitable vehicle or container for the eternal Soul. The form of the temporal body returns to its original earth substance, the final cosmic energy.
  3. The Nature of the physical, animal body possesses instincts and passions like all animals. The function of the Soul is to moderate these instincts and passions so they do not overwhelm the Spiritual Soul's nature or fracture its wholeness of being of oneness in God.


Idea; a thought, knows, a plan, a scheme, an image, in modern philosophy used to mean object of thought, absolute truth, etc.


The mental (spiritual) likeness of our Source God (Trinity). This word, Image, implies wholeness, whereas the word reflection implies a partial, not a whole image.


  1. The act, fact or state of knowing specifically, a) acquaintance or familiarity with a fact place. b) an awareness. c) understanding. d) enlightenment.
  2. The body of principles.
  3. Intelligence.

God knows and apprehends Himself completely 1) in eternal Now, past, present, and future.

2) Includes all possible essence and ideas which might have happened but, which, as a matter of fact, will not happen (futuribles). Infused in His Image and can be known by His Image and leads us with certainty to the knowledge of our Source, God. This God Knowledge is the First Caused, Uncaused of all the things (ideas), manifested or not, of our experience.

All creation or experience have back or behind them the Idea of them which have their source in God’s knowledge. Saint Gregory of Nyssa, 4th Century, said, "The Lord does not say that it is blessed to know something about God but rather to posses God in oneself." The possessions of God within the mind and heart is the true Knowledge of God.


Aparent to the senses, evident to prove by evidence; any of the forms in which a being manifests itself.


Any fact, circumstances or experience that is apparent to the senses and that can be scientifically described or appraised; the appearance or observed features of something experienced as distinguished from reality or the thing in itself.


  1. The Thinking Principle
  2. By which one feels, knows, wills, being a substantial form of one's body. The Soul animates the physical body and its animal nature.
  3. There are three kinds of Souls:
    1. Vegetative—the root of vital activity, like in plants and reproduction.
    2. Sensitive—the root of vital activity in animals, such as sight, touch, taste, smell, reproduction, hearing and basic "instinctive" inductive reasoning.
    3. Intellectual—the root of vital activity in Human Beings as in Homo Sapien's evolutionary development of the primate. Comprising Modern Man.

This last contains the other two, virtually. The Sensitive contains the Vegetative also virtually.

The Sensitive and Vegetative Souls are both simple but incomplete substance, incapable of existing apart from matter. Therefore, they are not immortal.
The Intellectual Soul being the Spirit, the Image of God, the Breath of God is our eternal life.

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